• Jolene Roehlkepartain

Uprooting the Weeds in Your Life

Flowers grow, but weeds flourish faster. One of the biggest challenges of gardening is weeding.

Every time I weed, I‘m tempted to take shortcuts. I pull weeds without getting all the roots. I weed the easiest rascals. In the short term, my efforts appear to make things better, but when I don’t get all the weeds by the roots, they come back faster and spread even further.

We all have weeds in our lives. Literally and metaphorically. If you look at the news, we’re overwhelmed with weeds. Terrible weeds threaten our lives and our world. It’s challenging to uproot the weeds in our personal lives. It’s overwhelming when the weeds of others invade our spaces.

That’s what our lives are like right now: An overgrowth of weeds.


No one likes to weed. Planting is much more delightful. But if you don’t weed, it doesn’t take long for the weeds to take over any seed, any flower, any goodness in the flower bed.

That’s why I keep weeding. Even when I’m overwhelmed. I focus on one area and weed the best I can.

Then I water the flowers. Fertilize them. Make sure they have the nutrients they need.

And when the weeds return (much too quickly), my work begins again.

If we all do our part in weeding, our world will get better.

Little by little.

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