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  • Jolene Roehlkepartain

The News…Is Wearing Me Out

Many newsmakers today aren’t making news. They’re making noise. Loud noise. And destructive choices.

This is wearing me out.

At first, I stopped listening. And watching. And reading. But that didn’t help. When I turned everything back on, well…that wasn’t the solution either.

Since I studied journalism (especially political journalism during a semester in Washington, D.C.), I enjoy thoughtful analysis and reporting of the news. I believe it’s important to follow the news and to be an engaged, informed member of society. Now, I:

1. Monitor the news and choose my news sources carefully. My major news sources are the BBC and NPR, but I also consult other credible news outlets, based on this chart:

2. Avoid the news on social-media platforms. People tend to get inflamed and polarized on social media. A lot of false news (posing as real news) gets posted on social media.

3. Pace myself. I take breaks. I pay attention to how the news affects me and make sure I don’t overdose on too much negativity and despair.

“Journalism is what we need to make democracy work,” said Walter Cronkite, a former TV anchor I admired. The news media is not the reason that the news is…overwhelming. Other destructive forces are at work. Choosing reliable news sources and taking care of yourself during these intense, chaotic times will help all of us move forward.

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