• Jolene Roehlkepartain

Celebrating the Holidays Safely and Creatively

Many people—including myself—are longing to celebrate the holidays in the ways we have in the past. But it’s not safe.

So how do we mark the holidays and enjoy them?

By being creative.

Celebrate creatively—Which holiday rituals mean the most to you? Adapt them to fit the constraints of this year. Do an outdoor, socially distanced, singalong. Take a moonlit walk. Read favorite holiday stories via Zoom—even if you’re an adult.

Grieve creatively—If you suffered a major loss this year, grieve and mourn. Light candles. Create a photo memory book and altar. Do a work of art to mark what you’ve lost. Read a sad book or watch a sad movie and cry.

Reach out creatively—Post an encouraging holiday sign in your window. Paint beautiful rocks and leave them for your neighbors. Drop off a gift basket to an isolated senior. Send an encouraging note to an overwhelmed parent or caregiver.

Watch the November 20, 2020, episode of On the Road to see the wise man who gives a larger perspective of celebrating the holidays this year: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/many-share-what-theyre-thankful-for-amid-covid-19-pandemic/.

These are challenging times. Keep yourself safe and find ways to creatively mark the holidays this season.

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