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  • Jolene Roehlkepartain

Plugging into Your Power Source

What energizes you? What gives you steady energy through your day?

Too often the demands on my energy grow wild, and my circuits start to blow. As soon as I notice myself either speeding up (to try to keep up) or shutting down (to protect myself), I know it’s time to step back.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you,” says author Anne Lamott.

Too often we think the problem is out there. Yes, life would be easier if “out there” would either slow down or throw stuff in another direction. Yet, I don’t know anyone who gets to live like that. That’s why it’s critical to pay attention to your energy levels, to unplug when you need to, and to notice what gives you energy (instead of only what drains it).

In the movie, Avatar, the Na’vi plug into the roots of the Tree of Souls for healing. Right now, we all need to find our place to plug into that source that will restore us and renew us.

Nine hours of sleep each night gives me wonderful energy. So does exercise, walking in nature, napping, meditation, daydreaming, and creating (whether it’s through writing, singing a favorite song, or another creative endeavor).

What keeps you energized?

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