• Jolene Roehlkepartain

The Wisdom of the Ginkgo Tree

In a world where much is endangered, threatened, and collapsing, the Ginkgo tree stands tall. Despite all the changes on earth, it continues to survive and thrive. The tree’s wisdom includes:

Sticking around for a long, long time. Known as a “living fossil,” this tree species is the only survivor of a group of trees that dated before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Adapting to the environment. A hardy tree, the tree can grow in Hardiness Zones 3-8 (which is rare among trees and plants). Although it doesn’t like hot, dry climates, it thrives in many other climates: moist, moderate drought, acidic, alkaline, well-drained soil, clay soil, sandy soil, and silty soil. It also can tolerate air pollution. Few trees adapt to all these types of conditions.

Creating beauty. The fan-shaped leaves design a gorgeous green canopy during the spring and summer. In autumn, the leaves transform into a dazzling yellow.

Knowing how to let go. Unlike the oak tree (which clings to its leaves all fall and winter and waits to release them in the spring), the Ginkgo lets go in dramatic fashion. It doesn’t shed its leaves a bit of a time. It drops all its leaves on a single day, creating a stunning yellow carpet on the ground below.

This summer, we planted a Ginkgo tree in our yard. For us, the tree symbolizes hope since each tree can live 3,000 years.

In difficult times such as these, plant hope for the future in any way you can. And learn from the wisdom of the Ginkgo tree.

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