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Is Today a Bones or a No-Bones Day for You?

When you wake up, what happens next?

That’s the big question every day for Jonathan Graziano, 30, who arouses his elderly pug, Noodle, from sleep every morning to see whether it’s a “bones” or “no-bones” day.

The result shows up quickly. If Noodle sits up—and stays up—it’s a “bones” day. If 13-year-old Noodle sinks back into his doggy bed, it’s a “no-bones” day.

A “bones” day means it’s a day for action. For Noodle, that entails going for a walk.

What’s a “bones” day mean for you? It’s a day to tackle your list and goals. Go after what you hope to accomplish.

A “no-bones” day signals that you’ve been doing too much. The world is overwhelming right now. It’s downright demanding, and you may feel the effects of severe burnout.

On the “no-bones” days, slow down and take care of yourself. Yes, you will still accomplish a few things, but the pace will be much slower. Self-care leads the day—and the way.

If you want to peek at what kind of day Noodle is having today, check out the daily video on TikTok. The hashtags #bonesday #nobones, and #noodletok will take you there.

So, no bones about it, what kind of day are you having today?

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