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  • Jolene Roehlkepartain

When Every Day Is Blursday

What day is it? During the pandemic, every day blurs together since we’ve lost our daily routines and anchors. Some have said that every day is blursday. Others have said the days of the week are thisday, thatday, otherday, someday, yesterday, today, and next day.

Yet, even though it can be hard to decipher what day it is, we can do things to make this time a bit easier:

Create daily anchors—What do you do every day? Have a cup of tea? Take a walk? Meditate? Find the daily anchors that make you feel alive and do them on a regular time.

Find resting places—Make time to rest every day. Light a candle. Take a short nap. Daydream. “Cut yourself some slack,” says Vaile Wright, a psychologist with the American Psychological Association. These times are hard.

Set guideposts—What are your goals during this time? How are you marking guideposts to get to where you want to go? Focus on what you can truly control and influence. Be kind and compassionate toward yourself because many are getting barraged with difficulties from every angle. If getting out of bed and getting dressed is a major goal, go for that.

Mental health experts remind us of the importance of making healthy choices. Keep eating healthy, exercising, getting restful sleep (whenever you can), and making choices that give you life rather than pull you into despair.

“Routine keeps you from losing time,” writes Steven Johnson in The Washington Post. “New and fulfilling experiences give it meaning.”

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